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From News Director Cheryl Allen

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(Wednesday January 28th)

Senior Night for McKenzie Rebels Basketball

Senior Rachel Kincy with her Mother Jean Kincy during Senior Recognition Tuesday evening (Cheryl Allen photo)

McKenzie, Tenn - Tuesday evening was Senior Night and the senior cheerleaders as well as basketball players were recognized at the game when McKenzie Rebels faced off against Big Sandy in Basketball action at Rebel gymnasium.

#20 Courtney Broadbent, passes the ball to #10 Infinity McClerkin during the Lady Rebels win over Big Sandy (Cheryl Allen photo)


At the end of the first half, the Lady Rebels were in the lead with a score of 21 to 17 in favor of the Rebels. Anna Comer made 3 out of 4 free throw shots from the foul line before halftime with a score of 27 to 17 Rebels.

#10 Infinity McClerkin scores the free throw shot, helping the Lady Rebels onto victory against Big Sandy. (Cheryl Allen photo)

After halftime, seconds into the 3rd quarter, nothing but air was in the mind of Infinity McClerkin when she shot for a 3 point basket. The final score for the game against Big Sandy was, McKenzie Lady Rebels 56 Big Sandy 24.

In Rebel action, they also won their game over Big Sandy. The top scorers of the game were Breshaun Oglesby with 15, Jack Surber with 13 and Tyree Owens with 10. The final score of the Rebels game was McKenzie 63 Big Sandy 33.

McKenzie Rebel Seniors Recognized

McKenzie, Tenn - Those McKenzie Rebel Seniors recognized between the games were Anna Anderson, Dori Cook, Ashley Taylor, Courtney Broadbent, Samantha Byers, Macy Watkins, Reed Austin, Jansen Davis, Edwin Dudley, Braden Nanney, Breshaun Oglesby, Tyree Owens, Montryll Robinson, Lorenzo Townes, Braxton Ryder.

Tools Stolen Across the County

Huntingdon, Tenn - A report of theft was reported to the Carroll County Sheriffs dept, when a call came in, Deputy Michael Smith responded to the call. The victim stated that in a time span between January 20th and 23rd, someone had taken two 19.2 volt Craftsman Drills, a 19.2 circular saw, two 19.2 volt reciprocating saws, a 19.2 volt light, six 19.2 volt battery packs, a 4 port chemistry charger, a multi toll add on tool, a Poulan chain saw, a gas powered  blower, from his residence on Hansen Meadow Lane in McKenzie. An estimated value was placed at nearly $1200.00 and this case is still under investigation.

Power Tools Stolen in Bruceton

Huntingdon, Tenn - A report of theft was reported in Bruceton, the victim stated that someone had broken into his shop that is located on Hebron Church Road by cutting off the lock to his shop. The victim stated that they stole his top and bottom roll around tool box, a Popular Mechanic Brand which was full of hand tools mostly that were craftsman brand. The victim also stated that they took a Kolbalt transmission jack and also a set of 3ft. bolt cutters as well as a fence stretcher.

 All of these cases are currently under investigation by the Carroll County Sheriffs department.


Counterfeit Money Passed at Sonic in Huntingdon

Huntingdon, Tenn - A call was reported from Sonic in Huntingdon in regards to Counterfeit money that was passed. According to the report from the Huntingdon Police Department, an employee received the money when he took the food to the customer, and the bill was for around $8.00.

A female handed him a $20.00 bill to pay for the purchase and then handed him another $20 bill and asked for him to break it to get change for his tip. The carhop placed the money in his pocket and returned to the store and didn’t look at the bills. When he realized the money was counterfeit, he contacted the Police Department. The victim stated that the vehicle in question was an gray/silver early 2000 Chevy Impala with a pink zebra stripped steering wheel cover. The driver was a white male around 25 years of age.

The passenger who handed the attendant the money was described as a female around 25 years old, long dark hair. If you have any information on this case, you are asked to please contact the Huntingdon Police Department at 986-2906.

Shoplifter Turns Himself In to Police

Huntingdon, Tenn - Sgt. Joey Hedge of the Huntingdon Police department responded to a call from Walmart in regards to theft. Upon arrival Hedge spoke with Loss Prevention who stated that Mr. Jason Rainey of Tumbling Creek Road in McKenzie had taken a Dremel Tool and had left the store with it. At a later time Mr. Rainey did come to the Huntingdon Police department and turned himself in and was charged with Theft Under $500.

(Tuesday January 27th)

TWRA Carroll Lake Meeting Draws Huge Attendance in McKenzie

Dave Brisutto, TWRA Representative Discusses Options Concerning Carroll Lake (Cheryl Allen photo)

McKenzie, Tenn - Monday evening the McKenzie Town Council room was filled to capacity as well as the halls of City Hall for the meeting with the representatives of the TWRA for the meeting of the plans of Carroll Lake.

Several members of the TWRA were present for the large crowd, Dave Brisutto, TWRA Representative who has been working with and representing Carroll Lake since 1983, Bobby Wilson, Chief of Fishery, Alan Peterson, Regional Manager, and Dwight Harsley, Chief of Engineering.

At the beginning of the meeting Mr. Brisutto explained to those in attendance that the meeting tonight was to answer any questions concerning Carroll Lake since they (TWRA) has not been able to keep everyone up to date on the happenings. He explained that there were several ideas being tossed around as to what to do with the lake. He stated that “it is a matter of a financial situation”. “The main idea is to fix the lake but how to is the question”.

Option 1 Fix Carroll Lake (Cheryl Allen photo)

The first option was to fix the lake, adding all new docks, walkways, and excavating the lake to which it would make it deeper. He stated that excavating the lake needs to be done, because of how it has grown up over the past months and would be better when it came to fishing.

The second option was, to do nothing to the lake and let it be as it is. Brisutto stated, “that is not an option to even consider, that the lake needs to be reconstructed and opened back up to the public once again”.

Repairing Carroll Lake will consists of excavation (Cheryl Allen photo)

The third option was to repair the sluice gates and excavating. With this option is where the crowd was informed that FEMA would only pay to have 1 of the 2 gates replaced. For just the repair of the sluice gate only will cost approximately $18,000 but will not be 100% certain that this can be done at all. Brisutto stated that any project that will be considered will have to be approved by the Safe Dams Program of Tennessee.

 Another option was to create a wildlife viewing area at the rear of the lake, and to have the front portion of the lake for fishing.  Brisutto explained that if the wildlife area was to be done, the water would be able to be raised and lowered during the year to help the fishing and the wildlife.

He stated that the estimated total cost of the project was placed at $275,000 and that TWRA would have to come up with $140,000 of that cost.

Several questions were asked as to where the money that is spent on fishing license goes and how come that cannot be used to repair the lake. Alan Peterson Regional Manager stated that approximately $38 million is raised on hunting and fishing license in Tennessee alone and that the entire fishery department receives of that is $30,000 and that is from the interest of the $38 million, and all they can use is the interest. “With interest rates being as low as they are, fishery is the area that suffers the most” stated Peterson.

Mayor of McLemorsville and McKenzie business owner Phil Williams,  stated that Carroll Lake needs to be repaired, and that the community of McKenzie has suffered an economic loss with the lake being closed. Williams stated “ not only, the fishing events that Steve McAdams holds, but as well as the baptisms, weddings, family reunions and dates have even suffered from the closure of the lake. The sooner we can get this lake back open, the better it will be to McKenzie and Carroll County”.

Williams asked if Park money could be used to fix the lake. Alan Peterson said that the county can apply for that but TWRA cannot. Brisutto stated that “nobody ever predicted this would ever happen to Carroll Lake, but when 10 ½ inches of rain falls in less than 3 hours, something was bound to give, and that it was a biblical event”.

One McKenzie resident asked “with the increase of the cost of hunting and fishing license, can that money be put towards the lake”? Peterson stated that, “those monies will be used towards the hunting area of the TWRA, that there was more revenue towards hunting and wildlife management than there is towards fishing”.

The timeline set on the process of the lake (Cheryl Allen photo)

At the close of the meeting Dave Brisutto as well as Alan Peterson urged people to attend the Commissioners meeting of the TWRA that will be held in Paris April 23rd and voice your concerns to the commissioners. Mayor Jill Holland stated that there will be a box set up in the lobby of City Hall that citizens can come by and drop off their votes as to which option would be best, as well as they can voice their opinions on the cities Facebook page. Alan Peterson stated that any and all concerns can be emailed to him and he will take them as well to the commissioners. His email is

The next meeting of the TWRA and Carroll Lake will be held tonight Tuesday January 27th at 5 pm at the Huntingdon City Hall.

Rebels Split Win Against Henry County

McKenzie, Tenn - On Monday evening the McKenzie Rebels played against Henry County in basketball action. Lady Rebel Infinity McClurkin had 10 points to lead the lady rebels, but it was not enough to win the game. Henry County lady Patriots won 47 to 21 over the lady rebels.

Even though the Lady Rebels lost, the Rebels came back with a barn burner and McKenzie won in overtime by a final score of 63 to 58. Jack Surber lit all score with 27 points.

McKenzie will play Big Sandy tonight (Tuesday) for Senior Night, and the rebels will play Dresden Friday night at McKenzie for homecoming. You can catch all the croon with David Jackson and Jeremy Buckalew on WHDM 98.9 fm


Stolen Items Recovered at Dales Recycling in McKenzie

Huntingdon, Tenn - A resident on HIghfield Street in McKenzie reported to the Carroll County Sheriffs department that and unknown person/s at the time of the report took items from her yard and broke into the house without the owners permission.

On the same day items that were stolen were found at Dale’s recycling in McKenzie  and sold without the permission of the owner. According to the report, the suspects who were named as Christopher Ryan Edmonson of Elm Street in McKenzie as well as Michael Anthony Webb of Woodrow Street in McKenzie on the next day they went back and took more items without the owners permission.

All of the times was recovered at Dale’s Recycling. Mr. Edmonson was arrested on Elm Street in McKenzie and Mr. Webb is still on the run for this charge of breaking and entering and burglary.

Applications Now Available for Industrial Hemp Production

Nashville- The Tennessee Department of Agriculture is now accepting applications from farmers and producers interested in growing industrial hemp.  

In 2013, the Tennessee General Assembly enacted Public Chapter 916 tasking the department with development of a licensing and inspection program for the production of industrial hemp in Tennessee. As provided in Sec. 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill, industrial hemp may only be grown as part of a research or pilot project.

Industrial hemp is Cannabis sativa L., the same plant species as marijuana. However, industrial hemp has significantly lower tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content and is distinguished by its use and chemical makeup. You will find industrial hemp in a variety of products, including fabric, textiles, fibers, and foods. More than 30 nations grow industrial hemp as an agricultural commodity. 

You can download an application and Memorandum of Understanding at

Please complete the application, sign the MOU and include the particular cultivar you wish to use and the quantity requested. If your application is approved, the department will assist in obtaining your seed in compliance with requirements of the Drug Enforcement Agency. Individuals are not permitted to import their own seed.

Email the completed application and MOU to  

Or send it by mail to:
Industrial Hemp Program, Consumer and Industry Services Division
TN Department of Agriculture
P.O. Box 40627
Nashville, TN  37204



(Monday January 26th)

Man Sleeping in Vehicle Leads To Drug Charges in Huntingdon

Sgt. Joey Hedge displays items seized. (photo courtesy of Lt. Smothers of the Huntingdon Police Dept.)

Huntingdon, Tenn - In a press release that was released on Monday morning from the Huntingdon Police Department, on January 24th at approximately 2:00 a.m. the Huntingdon Police Department received a call that there was a car at the intersection of Lexington Street and Veterans Drive that had been sitting there for a while. Sgt. Joey Hedge and Ptm.

Drake Whitworth responded and found a man that appeared to be passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle. Sgt. Hedge opened the drivers door and put the car in park before awakening the driver.  The driver was unable to satisfactorily perform field sobriety test and after giving consent to search his vehicle the officers found several items of drugs, drug paraphernalia, and cash in the vehicle and on the person of the driver.

Arrest was Leonard Curtis Smith, age 53, who resides at 365 N Veterans Drive in Huntingdon TN. He was charged with DUI#2, Violation of the Implied Consent law, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of Schedule II drugs ( 8 oxycontin pills), Possession of Schedule III drugs (5 hydrocodone pills) Possession of Schedule II drugs with Intent to Resale (approximately 1.2 grams of methamphetamine). 

Seized was the drugs, drug paraphernali consisting of aluminum slides and tubes used to smoke methamphetamine, 2 cell phones, a 2000 year model Pontiac Bonneville, and $4429 dollars in cash.  Smith will be arraigned in Carroll County General Sessions Court on Wednesday January 28th

REMINDER: Carroll Lake Meeting Tonight in McKenzie

Carroll Lake June 2014 (Cheryl Allen photo)

McKenzie, Tenn - After the flooding at Carroll Lake located on Hwy. 22 outside of McKenzie In June 2014, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency closed the lake because of the damage done to the levy.  

At McKenzie City Hall on Monday, January 26th at 7pm and then again Tuesday, January 27th at City Hall In Huntingdon at 5 pm, the TWRA will be holding a public meeting concerning the future of Carroll Lake.

The public is urged to attend either one or both of these meetings for the future of Carroll Lake, so please make plans to attend these meetings to ensure your voice is heard concerning the future of Carroll Lake. This could possibly be the most important meeting you have ever attended.

Strawberries For Sale

McKenzie, Tenn - The McKenzie High School FFA members are selling strawberries and the Cost is $22 per flat or $12 per half flat. Last day to order is February 6, 2015 and you are asked to contact any FFA member or call Lindsey Parham @ 731-352-2133

McKenzie School Board Meet Feb. 3rd

McKenzie, Tenn - On Tuesday, February 3rd at 5:30pm the McKenzie Special School District Board of Education will be meeting at the school board office located on Bell Avenue in McKenzie. On the agenda for the meeting will be a Presentation of the Tennessee Junior Science and Humanities Symposium given by high school student Aiden Gonzalez.

Chili Dinner at Basketball Homecoming Game

McKenzie, Tenn - The McKenzie High School Junior class is sponsoring a chili dinner prior to Homecoming basketball game Friday January 30th.  Price is $6.00 and includes a drink and dessert from 4:00 – 6:30pm.  Tickets may be purchased from any junior student or the MHS front office.                                           



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 Tues, Jan 27                      Senior Night – Seniors please get your Bio Sheets turned in!


Fri, Jan 30                           Basketball Homecoming!

                                         *     Chili Supper 4:00 – 6:30 P.M. - $6.00 (must have ticket)       







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